Savings of over 20% taking advantage of the sun as a source of clean energy. Greater business productivity, reducing the environmental impact.

distributed generation

The distributed energy generation service allows you to reduce energy costs, producing the energy that your business requires at the consumption site, avoiding the inefficiencies of the national transmission network. At Azimut we focus our efforts on the production of energy and/or heating through non-conventional energy sources (FNCE):

· Photovoltaic Solar Energy.
· Thermal solar energy.
· Biomass.
· Cogeneration and trigeneration processes from natural gas.

With our experience and knowledge we take care of identifying and executing the best solution for your business, seeking to reduce the energy cost, the carbon footprint and ultimately making your business more sustainable.




  • Reduction in the price of energy.
  • Control over price increases over time.
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of the operation.
  • Diversify sources of energy consumption.
  • Good news for the community and stakeholders of the company.

How do we do it

At Azimut we take care of the solution from start to finish, so that
enjoy your clean energy without worries in the process.

Business models

At Azimut Energía we adjust to your needs, we can develop projects with
resources of the client (LLM), finance the installation of the projects (PCA) or sell the solution
so that the client is the owner of the same (PPA).

According to the conditions of your facilities, we can offer the sale of energy in a period of time. In this case, you save from the first day, you do not have to make investments and you do not worry about maintaining the assets.

At Azimut we take care of designing and installing a solar system tailored to your needs.